Pine Meadows Conservation Area

Since the Trout Lake Nature Center closes at 4pm, we hopped on over to the Pine Meadows Conservation Area as it is close by. There are a few different areas to hike here: a loop trail near the entrance, a trail along the canal, and a dog walk trail. We will explore the area near the entrance on a future trip as there was noisy construction happening nearby detracting from the hiking ambiance.

We drove further in to where there is a long canal leading to a body of water that doesn’t have a name on the maps I was looking at. It may just be a reservoir. Be sure to hike on the left side of the canal as the grass and brush is impassable on the right about a mile in. There was a great blue heron and several other birds that I was unable to identify.

People like to fish here, and I was happy to see receptacles for used fishing line. Fishing line is harmful to animals as they can get tangled up in the line or ingest it.

There is a dog walk area but don’t be deceived by the information kiosk. There are no restrooms. We walked all over the place and never found one. Although it is an easy hike, during the summer I would imagine it would be unbearable as the canal walk is in full sun.

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