Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

There is an abundance of activities available at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park. The park includes nearly 54,000 acres protecting the largest land tract of Florida dry prairie which is held for the benefit of everyone. The park features multi use trails and plenty of back country hiking opportunities.

This is an excellent park to visit in the late fall, winter and early spring when the Florida weather is cooler as most of the park is without shade.

When you first arrive at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park there is an information board where you can get the details of what’s going on at the park, pick up maps and brochures and leave your park entrance payment. The park was a World War II practice bombing zone so it’s advisable not to go wandering too far off the trails

The preserve is home to many different species of birds and other wildlife. If your lucky you might find the Florida grasshopper sparrow or the crested caracara both are rare and endangered species that call the Florida dry prairie home. The Kissimmee prairie preserve state park is a good place to look for butterflies like the long-tail skipper and owls including the burrowing owl. You might also get a look at Florida river otters or the Florida bobcat.

There are guided buggy tours available (temporarily shut down as of 3/2021) as well as RV camping and primitive camping sites in the back country. Stargazing is another activity that is welcome within the park and the park has spots where you can setup a telescope and camp for the night.

The park is designated as an international dark sky park and signs are marked well in advance telling guests that are driving at night to keep their high beam lights off as they approach the site. The International Dark Sky Association also has flyers at the office that will give you tips on how to protect the night sky from light pollution.

Stop Light Pollution

The park provides biking trails and offers some of the best horseback riding in Florida, provided you bring your own horse. The park is also an outstanding place to do some wildlife, nature observation and photography. There are over 25 back country trails that meander throughout the park. Make sure and bring your sunscreen, water, and a snack as there is lots of acreage to explore.

Partial Trail Information

  • Prairie Loop Trail 2.1 miles
  • Ozmore Trail 3.3 miles
  • Grasshopper Sparrow Trail 3.9 miles
  • South Boundary Trail
  • Duck Slough Prairie Trail 1.4 miles
  • Long hammock Trail 4.3 miles
  • Xeric Trail
  • River Trail 1.6 miles
  • Cow Camp Trail 1.7 miles
  • Military Trail 2.8 miles
  • McGuire Prairie Trail 1.7 miles
  • McGuire Hammock Trail 4.5 miles
  • Five Mile Slough Trail 3.3 miles
  • Gum Slough Prairie Trail 2.2 miles
  • Gum Slough Trail 4.4 miles

This video taken on the prairie loop trail showcases the Florida dry prairie and gives you an idea of what kind of plants and trees your likely to find in the prairie. The Florida dry prairie once stretched from the city of Orlando, Florida to lake Okeechobee. You’ll find plenty of recreational activities here and you’re sure to see some wildlife on you’re visit as well. Come explore the last protected expanse of the Florida dry prairie visit Kissimmee prairie preserve state park today.

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