Blue Spring State Park

Florida Manatee at Blue Springs State Park

Cool Springs, Hot Sandy Hike

Two good friends accompanied me to Blue Spring State Park. This park is gorgeous with the deep bluish-green springs and lush plants. It had been cool over the weekend, so we hoped to see some manatees gathering in the warm spring. Manatees need warm water or they become cold stressed. Regardless of the manatees rotund appearance, they don’t have insulating fat. Fishing line is also harmful to manatees and other animals as they can get tangled up in the line or ingest it.

Poor Una, one of the adoptees at Save the Manatee Club, has had to be rescued several times due to fishing line entanglement. She has a permanent indention in each of her flippers where the line has needed to be removed several times. Most manatees were making their way back towards the river in order to find food. After visiting our manatee friends, we decided to go for a hike.

The Pine Trail is a sandy trail with little to no shade so cooler days are the days to check this one out. It starts out promising as you go through the woods and it is quite pleasant with the pine straw fresh sent, but then the woods end.

It is hot and sandy for quite a while before the trail veers off into the woods again. We managed to get 2.5 miles out and back total.

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